Team Tents & Park Map

Park Map With Tent and Parking Locations

Parking within the park is reserved for cars carrying boats, boat trailers, utility trailers, crew buses, crew vans and passenger vehicles with handicap parking tags. All other competitor and spectator passenger cars will park offsite.

Teams who have not reserved/paid for a tent space will be able to put up a tent north/upstream of the pavillion.

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Club and school tent sites are available by advance reservation. All tent sites offer water views (full or partial) of the racing.  Each is a minimum of 40 feet across.

Reserved tent sites include one regatta parking pass mailed in advance to accommodate food and equipment delivery before 7 a.m. on race day. If you are bringing a utility trailer to the regatta, you will need to reserve a tent site in order to park your tow vehicle and trailer in the park. We encourage set-up in advance on Friday afternoon from noon-4:00 p.m.  The park opens Saturday morning at 6 a.m.

Tent sites without water views are free and do not require a reservation. Onsite parking is not available for unreserved tent sites. Food and equipment must be transported to unreserved tent sites from the offsite parking facility on shuttle buses.



Team Site Number Tent location
Bergen County 1 K/South Beach
Brunswick School Boat Club 2 K/South Beach
Chaminade 3 K/South Beach
Chaminade 4 K/South Beach
Greenwich Academy 5 K/South Beach
Cambridge Boat Club 6 K/South Beach
Fordham Prep 7 K/South Beach
Fordham Prep 8 K/South Beach
Fordham Prep 9 K/South Beach
Rockland Rowing Association, Inc. 10 K/South Beach
Syosset Rowing Club 11 K/South Beach
Saugatuck Rowing Club 12 J/Sandy Beach
Saugatuck Rowing Club 13 J/Sandy Beach
Manhasset High School 14 J/Sandy Beach
Manhasset High School 15 J/Sandy Beach
Greenwich Crew 16 J/Sandy Beach
Greenwich Crew 17 J/Sandy Beach
RowAmerica Rye 18 J/Sandy Beach
RowAmerica Rye 19 J/Sandy Beach
Connecticut Boat Club 20 J/Sandy Beach
Connecticut Boat Club 21 J/Sandy Beach
Wentworth Rowing Club/Institute of Technology 22 J/Sandy Beach
N&D 23 I/Vendors
N&D 24 I/Vendors
Sportgraphics 25 I/Vendors
Food & Refreshments 26 I/Vendors
Registration 27 I/Vendors
Vespoli 28 I/Vendors
WinTech 29 I/Vendors
Book Signing -- Michael Danziger, Author of "Small Puddles: The Triumphant Story of Yale's Worst Oarsman.  Ever." 30 I/Vendors
JL Clothing 31 I/Vendors
Durham Boat Company 32 I/Vendors
Gunnery School Crew 33 H/North Beach
Iona Preparatory School 34 H/North Beach
Iona Preparatory School 35 H/North Beach
Montclair Rowing Club 36 H/North Beach
Nereid Boat Club, Inc. 37 H/North Beach
New Canaan High School Crew 38 H/North Beach
New Canaan High School Crew 39 H/North Beach
Friends of Port Rowing 40 H/North Beach
Cortlandt Community Rowing Association, Inc. 41 H/North Beach
Fairfield Prep 42 H/North Beach
Boston College 43 H/North Beach
Norwalk River RA 44 H/North Beach

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